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Pororo Park

Gyro-Spinning Top Watch (Pororo / Loopy)

Gyro-Spinning Top Watch (Pororo / Loopy)

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Time to Spin!

Gear up for a top match with our very own Pororo and Loopy, who are ready to strap in with you – anywhere, anytime! Whether it’s on your wrist, your finger, or even themselves, Pororo and Loopy are ready to spin through any obstacles they face. Get a watch today, and embark on a new whirling adventure with Pororo or Loopy!


1 x Watch Strap
1 x Character Top
1 x Green Ring


● Spin the top with friction function on the watch or ring (roll the car a few times and spin it on its head!)

● Take it off the watch and roll it forward like a mini-car and play

● Play a top match with friends!

Designs include:



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